ObamaCare Ruling Updates

Hey everyone.  As we get closer and closer to an anticipated Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare, I am going to do my best to stay up to date and bring you as many live details as possible.


10:21 AM—Having many reporter friends in DC tell me that media is gathering outside of SCOTUS anticipating a ruling being handed down on ObamaCare sometime today.  This could be the week that ruins any shot at re-election for Barack Obama

10:27 AM–In other news, the SCOTUS has made it a little bit harder for public sector unions to collect fees.

10:28 AM–All opinions are in, no healthcare ruling today.  Sorry folks.  We will try again Monday


In the meantime, educate yourself on what the Supreme Court is ruling on.  Obama wants to wield enormous power by REQUIRING each and every American to purchase healthcare if they are not provided it.  No such power is granted to any branch in the Constitution.  The absence of commerce is not commerce;therefore, Congress cannot regulate it.


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