My Letter To Twitter–Possible Lawsuit

Below, you will find a letter that I have sent to several Twitter contact emails as of 11:51 A.M today, July 3, 2012.  In the letter, I detail the situation with my Twitter account, notify them of a lawsuit I am in the process of drafting, and request information from them that I am entitled to by law and their own Terms Of Use.

On May 30, 2012, my Twitter account @CapitolBlog was abruptly suspended.  I have submitted several support tickets, have replied to two emails seeking confirmation to open my support tickets, and I have yet to receive a single explanation as to why my account was suspended, the status of the tickets, or an assurance that my account is being looked into.  To my knowledge, I did not break a single Twitter Rule, and I have not been correctly notified to any rule that I have broken.  As of now, my account has been suspended without an explanation or a reason given to the owner of that account, myself.

                I understand that support tickets are not always accessed and processed in a timely manner, but I feel like more than four week is adequate enough time for someone to at least contact me and give me an update on my account, a reason it was suspended, or the status of my support tickets.

                In the time that my account has been suspended without a single notification or explanation given, I have seen a significant decrease in traffic on the blog to which my Twitter account was connected (  My Twitter account was the leading generator of traffic to my site, and when Twitter suspended my account, the leading traffic source was now gone. 

                I am currently drafting a lawsuit against Twitter for time and wages lost due to the suspension of my account.  In my opinion, this situation would not be necessary if I was given a single reason as to why my account has been suspended.  Furthermore, I would not be in this position if Twitter would have given me an update on my support ticket and/or account.

                In the time that I am drafting this lawsuit, I am open to a settlement with Twitter.  I am not asking for money; I am simply asking that my account be unsuspended and an apology issued for this practice of bad business and customer support.  I will cease the pursuit of this lawsuit if these terms are met, and I am once again given full control of my account.

                In the meantime, pursuant to Twitter’s own Terms of Use, I am invoking the rights to my original content and demanding that Twitter email to me a complete collection of every tweet that I have submitted.  Twitter’s own Terms of use guarantees my rights to this content, and I am asking for a complete collection of my content so that I can have it as evidence that I have not violated Twitter’s Rules.

                Furthermore, pursuant to the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement and the fact that my content has been both viewed and sent to countries in the European Union, I am requesting that Twitter release whatever information that it currently holds on my account to me.  The Safe Harbor agreement affirms my rights to this information.

                As noted, I am wishing to see my account reinstated if Twitter cannot produce a single piece of evidence to show that I have violated Twitter rules in some way. 


Twitter Update

I STILL do not have any information as to why I was banned from Twitter.  STILL!  It has been a month.