Thanks for reading my blog!  I guess I should start out by telling you about who I am and what this blog is going to focus around!

I am a college student loving life in North Carolina.  I am currently an Economics/Political Science Double major.  I am a firm believer in small government, a big God, Constitutional principles, and the values that powered this nation from a fledgling group of rebels to the greatest superpower in the world.  I am extremely disillusioned by the agenda that has since brought the United States of America down from atop our precipice on top of the world.  This blog is about that agenda.

I picked the name Capitol Punishment as both a play on words as well as a vehicle to showcase my negative views on Washington and the policy makers that are currently leading us to slaughter.

I understand that most of my views will be very controversial, mildly offensive, and mostly biased, but I hope that readers from both sides of the aisle will find this blog to be a place where conversation and debate is welcomed with open arms because that is entirely what I intend.

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