A Fresh Approach to Solar Energy

 I have an idea that I feel could be a solid, starting point for a move to solar energy, yet, an approach that seeks to largely keep government out of the energy industry.


What I envision is a system of solar panel fields funded entirely by private investors.  Private investors would buy panels and space that would ultimately be connected to a larger network of panels.  For example, investor A would buy a 10,000 square feet worth of solar panels.  This area would be connected to multiple other areas purchased by other investors.  All of these areas would form one large solar field.  In this way, a very large source of solar energy could be formed while spreading the costs of funding this source over various investors.  Revenue generated from selling this energy could then be redistributed as dividends to the investors.


This energy generated could then have numerous uses.  It could be sold to utility companies; therefore, power our homes.  It could be used to power our schools and other government buildings. 



This is why I feel that this idea is valuable at this time.  In the present, as it becomes obvious that we need to cut government spending and balance the budget,  expenses such as government production of renewable energy needs to be reduced.  However, renewable energy is an industry that must be explored, just not at government expense.  With this idea, we place the renewable energy business entirely in the private sector, funded by private investors.  However, there would be a significant source of renewable energy flowing into the grid.  Utility companies can slowly and efficiently move their expenses from nonrenewable sources to solar energy generated by these solar fields.  The government would also be able to transition to renewable energy by powering schools and other federal/state buildings with this solar energy.


My question for you is: Do you see this as a plausible solution to advancement in the field of solar/renewable energy?  Is this an approach that would be both favored by both parties, and is it an approach in which significant development could be made?


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