Obama and Syria –A Coward’s Foreign Policy

For a man who portrayed himself as such a well-rounded candidate in the 2008 Presidential election, Barack Obama has been a complete failure in the realm of foreign policy.  Mitt Romney has noted this, describing Obama’s strategy as a “policy of paralysis” on Tuesday.  I stand with Romney on this and completely agree with him.

One does not have to look far for an example of Obama’s favorite way of dealing with foreign issues.  Over the weekend, over 100 Syrian civilians, the majority of them children, were massacred at the hands of al-Assad’s oppressive regime.  The death toll for his murdering spree has reached upwards of 10,000, many of whom are civilians.  Yet, Barack Obama has done nothing.  Wait, sorry, he has withdrawn his diplomats.  Real tough, Mr. President.

Now, I am not the largest advocate of America acting as World Police, but when 10,000 people are murdered at the hands of a government who has a history of corruption, oppression, and being backed by arms dealers in Russia, it might be a time to step in.  Yet, Barack Obama refuses to do so.

One can only assume that this refusal is for political gain.  Many Americans who do not know the truth about Syria might see it in a negative light if Obama were to send in troops to a nation that is not often talked about in conversational circles.  However, as Obama idles in his foreign policy, hundreds of innocent Syrians are being executed and massacred every single day.

Many prominent Republicans, such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have called for airstrikes to be carried out against key government strongholds in Syria, but as usual, Obama has ignored such calls.  I understand the need to present a positive political image heading into an election that he will probably lose, but Obama stills has a duty as President of the United States.

The United States has long set a history and precedent of protecting those who wish to extend democracy in a world marred by governments such as Syria who grab power and will not relinquish it at any cost.  Barack Obama has failed to carry out this precedent.  There are Syrians who desire to have democratic elections where there voice may be heard, but Obama does not respect that desire.  Instead, he sits in Washington spending billions to finance the campaign to secure his own power for another four years.

Obama does not have to send a single soldier into Syria to suppress a violent, murderous regime.  Air strikes will go far to send a message to al-Assad and his villainous army that such actions will not be tolerated on the world scene.  If Syria wants to be a nation that is taken seriously, then it is going to have to act civilized or face repercussions.

Further extending the situation, Obama has made no comment to Russia, who opposes any intervention in Syria.  The reason is pretty obvious.  Russia has long been a supplier of arms and weapons to Syria to the point that Syria has almost become a Russian satellite nation.  In talks of the proper course of action to take relating to Syria, Russia has played the role of obstructionist and refuses to allow the United Nations to act.  In usual form, Obama has kept quiet on the matter and continues to allow Russia to push the United Nations around.

Obama is a weak president when it comes to foreign policy.  He can act, but he won’t.  He fails to protect international groups that desire the freedoms that we have in America.  He fails to stand up against other governments who desire only to protect their own interests.  Put simply, on foreign policy, Obama fails, at the expense of others.