ACORN, Barack Obama, and Bill Ayers–The Truth About Their Relationship

This is what Barack Obama said in 2008.


You will notice that Barack Obama says that “as an elected official he had interactions with ACORN.”  Obama is clearly trying to make it known that he did not have any deeper relationships with the organization who works to keep liberal leaders in government by using dirty political tricks and identity/voter fraud.

Obviously, the President of the United States would want to steer clear of any accusations of a relationship with an organization who has repeatedly broken election laws and federal laws in the past.  Such a relationship would implicate Barack Obama in many of the frauds conducted by ACORN.

At one point, Barack Obama’s website “Fight The Smears” section definitively denied any close relationship between Barack Obama and ACORN.  Since, that particular page has been taken down off of the web.

Speaking of pages that have been taken off of the Internet, let’s move to the cold, hard evidence that Barack Obama associated with ACORN more than merely interacting as a public official.

In Social Policy (Winter 2003 Volume 34, Number 2), there is an article entitled “Towards A Chicago School of Youth Organizing.”  The paper discusses the current state of youth organization in Chicago following a meeting held by the Woods Fund of Chicago.  

Two things are important to note here.  This paper is written by two people who were both involved with the Woods Fund, and most likely involved with ACORN due to the fact that both were up and coming community organizers in the Chicago area.  

Secondly, the paper touches on ideas and discussions held at a series of youth organizer meetings sponsored by the Woods Fund.  Though published in 2003, it is believed that these meetings had been held years before, while Barack Obama was on the executive board of the Woods Fund.

Barack Obama served on the board of directors from 1993 to 2001.  During that time, Bill Ayers served on the board of directors as well.  There is our first relationship.  Obama has concrete connections to serving on the same board of directors as former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.  

Another important thing to mention is that the Woods Fund was a regular donor to ACORN, granting annual funds of around $70,000.  No connections other than as a personal official, President Obama?

Wait, that is not all.  In the same exact publication, there is a case study called “Chicago-The Barack Obama Campaign.”  This specific case study written by Toni Foulkes chronicles the depth of the relationship that Barack Obama and ACORN truly had.  ACORN actively worked side by side with Obama’s campaign for Senate, and Barack Obama served as guest lecturer at multiple ACORN training sessions.

Obama’s claim that he had a minimal relationship with ACORN is starting to unravel in the face of facts.

Obama is a master of how to run a political machine.  A political machine is a network of corrupt, dirty, lying politicians (usually from the same region) that work together to ensure that power never leaves their hands.  In the case of Barack Obama, ACORN, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and others like them from the Chicago area, there is a large political machine being mobilized against the American people.

This machine will only ramp up again heading into the November elections.  Pieces of the machine are falling apart, like Eric Holder.  However, have no doubt in your mind that Obama will use the machine to his advantage.

Though he has repeatedly denied his relationship with ACORN and Bill Ayers, you will see here that there is proof that such relationships did occur and may have been much deeper than we initially thought.



The Reason Why Scott Walker Should be Vice President

It is about that time.  Mitt Romney is beginning to vet potential running mates many names are being thrown around. Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio are both strong, worthy candidates, but there is no doubt in my mind that Romney should select Scott Walker as his Vice President.

Coming off of a historical gubernatorial recall election, Scott Walker has momentum.  After such a long, gruesome fight, Walker is in a position to exert more power than he ever has before.  The man took on the unions, and the unions lost, BIG time.  Scott Walker squashed the greatest liberal cause of 2012 thus far.  

Many Americans are familiar with Walker now after the highly followed and publicized recall election, and voters know exactly where Governor Walker stands on the major issues of the coming election.  Voters have had weeks of coverage of the deficit reduction and union-combating policies that Walker enacted while governor of Wisconsin.

Better yet, how has Obama reacted to Scott Walker.  The answer is simple: he has not.  Obama was nowhere to be seen during the recall election.  He wanted to stay as far away from Wisconsin as possible.  For a man that pledged to stand by the unions, Obama let the unions fall.

The question must be asked: Why did Barack Obama not support a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in a state where the president had quite a large lead in the polls?  

Barack Obama is scared of Scott Walker and the courage that he brought to the office of Governor of Wisconsin.  For once, someone told the liberal wacks and union thugs “NO!”  Obama witnessed how strong of an executive that Walker is, and he did not want to become involved at all.  

If I were Romney, I would send Obama running.  Bring Scott Walker further onto the national stage and send the message to the left and the unions that there are things that need to be done in the federal government, and a Romney/Walker administration is an administration that will get things done.  

Scott Walker is a house hold name right now, make it even bigger.  Romney needs to make Walker the next Vice President of the United States of America.  Walker can be Romney’s bulldog, not afraid to take on whatever challenge comes his way.  Obama, Democrats, and the unions are terrified of people like Scott Walker currently.  

Don’t let them get comfortable.

Democrats’ Flawed Idea of “Growth”

               The Obama administration loves to flaunt the “growth” that has occurred during his first term.  Just last week, jobs numbers were released and many from the Obama camp claimed that growth is evident in the fact that unemployment is decreasing steadily.   

                However, what everyone forgets to mention is how the unemployment figures are calculated.   If a person is not actively searching for work, then they are not “unemployed;” they are simply “not in the work force.”  These people that are not actively looking for work are not counted in unemployment figures.  Therefore, when employment figures are published and it is claimed that unemployment figures are dropping, in reality, more and more people are simply deciding to live off of their welfare checks and are refusing to even seek work.

                I was speaking to my father the other day and he was relaying a story told to him by one of his clients.  The client mentioned that farmers in Washington State are seeing their crops go to waste because they cannot find the help to harvest and process these crops in time.  This might seem like a good thing on the employment side.  If there aren’t any available workers, then there are more than enough jobs to go around, right? Wrong.  Washington State has an unemployment rate of 8.1%.  The problem is not that there is not enough labor to go around; it is that the labor would rather collect government handouts than work on a farm.

                Riding down the street in either my hometown or the city where my college is located, I see multiple “Help Wanted” and “Now Hiring” signs.  With all of these available jobs, would they not be filled if unemployment was truly dropping?  Jobs could not be filled while new ones are opening every day, could they? 

                Millions of Americans have become complacent with the lives they are living.  They feel comfortable accepting their entitlement checks while other Americans work to fund those very same checks. 

                Herbert Hoover often is ridiculed for his handling of the Great Depression; however, one of his warnings is manifesting today.  Hoover refused to carry out massive government handouts because he feared that doing so would ruin the moral character and rectitude of the American people.  He feared that freely doling out money at the expense of other tax payers would create a class of people that did not understand that the money had to come from somewhere. 

                This class has developed.  While Democrats parade their employment figures and praise Obama ahead of this year’s election, millions of Americans will live off of the labor of other Americans.  Hardworking, honest Americans will continue seeing their taxes rise, and the fruits of their own labor be taken from them in the name of compassion.